Política de Privacidad


Hay 4 formas de pago:

1.) Pago con tarjeta de crédito o débito – Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. Se le cargará a su tarjeta en el momento que haga la reservación del 20% o 100%.

2.) Paypal – por favor introduzca su dirección de correo Paypal y le enviaremos por correo electrónico una factura poco después de que termine su solicitud de transferencia

3.) Dinero en efectivo al conductor – simplemente haga clic en “efectivo” en el último paso y usted pagará al final de su transporte.

4.) Transferencia bancaria – pídanos información sobre la cuenta bancaria en el correo electrónico si se decide por esta opción.

Siempre enviamos el correo de la confirmación, generalmente dentro de una hora. Póngase en contacto con nosotros si no recibe el correo de confirmación dentro de las 6h de su reserva.



Toda la información obtenida para hacer su reservación se mantiene en la más estricta confidencialidad. No ponemos nombres, direcciones, números de teléfono, direcciones de correo electrónico ni ningún otro tipo de información personal a disposición de ninguna empresa o persona, excepto los que están directamente involucrados en la prestación de los servicios que usted ha solicitado

Passenger Safety

The safety of our passengers is our highest priority. In order to maintain a safe and comfortable driving environment, our drivers have the right to deny or de-board any person who, in the driver’s judgment, is unruly, disruptive or poses a threat to the safety of the vehicle or anyone on board.

Lost Items

Passengers are responsible for their personal possessions. We try our best to return items left in our vehicles to their owners, but we assume no liability for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. Any charges incurred in returning a left-behind item to its owner must be paid for by the owner.

BaggageMany bags look alike. Our drivers cannot be responsible for remembering which bags belong to each passenger. Upon reaching your destination, please check to see that you have retrieved all your belongings, and that each bag, briefcase, computer, etc. is, indeed, yours.Small items are left in our vehicles most often (cell phones, cameras, small bags and sunglasses, in particular) and we always do our best to return them as soon as possible to our customers.SSL technologyThe Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a software that encrypts internet traffic and is the most widely deployed security protocol used today. It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet or an internal network. Technically, SSL is a transparent protocol which requires little interaction from the end user when establishing a secure session. It is designed in such a way it allows:

  • The authentication of browsers and web servers.
  • To control the access to servers, directories, documents or services.
  • The exchange of confidential information between a browser and a server and remained inaccessible to third parties.
  • To make sure that the data exchanged between browser and server cannot be corrupted, in an accidental or intentional manner, without being detected.

Be assured of the security of our online payment platform and thank you for your confidence.

Cookies policy

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Limitations of Liability

http://www.croatiashuttle.comand its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road, or traffic conditions; mechanical failure; or any other conditions beyond our control. Any expenses arising as a result of delayed departure or arrival times, including missed flights or travel connections, are the sole responsibility of the passenger.


Tipping is allowed and is much appreciated by our drivers.


In accordance with the afore-mentioned terms and conditions, we are liable only for direct damages You have suffered and incurred in the absence of compliance with obligations that are related to our services. http://www.croatiashuttle.com, or any of its directors, employees or agents involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or other content creation will not be liable for any criminal liability, direct or indirect losses or damages, any inaccuracies related to the information described on our website. The drivers reserve the right to deny embarkation to the vehicles in cases of inebriated or misbehaved clients. There can’t be any refund for these cases and in the event of damages there may be prosecution and damage claims.