Novalja – Zrće


Novalja is 21 kmnorthwest of Pag, with population of 2200 inhabitants. The necropolis and burial mounds in the area around the town date from the Iron Age and show the continuity of life here from prehistoric times up to the present day. The town received its name from the time of Roman rule here when it was a Roman port (“Novalia” in Latin means port, or wharf). At that time Novalja was a larger settlement connected by aqueduct to Kolan, situated deep in the island’s interior, and by a tunnel to Stara Novalja (Old Novalja; known as Talijanova buza). Nowadays, is the most important tourist centre on the island of Pag.  In recent times it became famous because of the Zrce Beach. Zrce is the biggest summer party zones in Europe.