Makarska town & beach

Located in the center of the Biokovo Coastal Area, it is 60 km in lenght ( from Brela to Gradac). Makarska city have 15 000 inhabitants. The Marshall Marmont Memorial stands at the entrance to the town on the road from Split. This monument to this Napoleonic Marshall, the governor of the lllyrian province (1809-1813) is linked with his work in building the road running through Biokovo mountain. It was set up beside a monastery during the French occupation, and during the period of Austrian rule it was moved and its inscription altered. It was dedicated to the memory of a visit by Emperor Francis Ioseph to Dalmatia. The Revolution Memorial was set up on the small hill over Makarska. Biokovo was a Partisan stronghold, and Makarska a strong anti-fascist centre. The memorial is the work of Matija Salaj.  St. Peter’s Peninsula (Sveti Petar) in the southern part of Makarska is a park, with a road running around the outside. Opposite the Biokovo Hotel are the remains of St. Peter‘s Church, and to the east is a cave. Osejava in the southeastern part of Makarska is an important leisure and sports centre. Thanks to the favourable Makarska climate, this centre is used for training for the highest level competitions by both Croatian and foreign sportsmen and women.


Makarska town