Plitvice & Zadar Sunset

To prolong your tour to 2 days in a way that we visit firstly Sibenik andnZadar, in the evening you enjoy night surrounded by nature on Plitvice lakenand after good night of sleep do Plitvice tour. There are plenty of housesnavailable for renting for one

Drop off points

Plitvice entrance 1 (north)

Starting point of tours A (time 2-3 h, distance 3500m), B (3-4h, 4000m), C (6-8h, 8000m) and K (6-8h, 18000m).

Plitvice entrance 2 (south)

Starting point of tours E (time 2-3 h, distance 5100m), F (3-4h, 4600m), H (6-8h, 8900m) and K (6-8h, 18300m)


In Zadar, driver will enter to city center.


  • The Plitvice lakes consist of 16 lakes, joined together like a series of steps. The first lake is at 636 m above sea level, and the last is 133 m lower. They are linked by waterfalls and cascades.
  • The lakes mainly lie in a south-north direction, are 8 km long and cover an area of 2 km2. The deepest lake is 46 m deep. They are divided into two groups: the Upper (12 lakes), formed of dolomite rock, which are broad and surrounded by a peaceful landscape; and the Lower (4 lakes) formed from limestone. These are smaller and lie beneath 70 m high rock cliffs.
  • The Plitvice lakes have been registered by UNESCO as part of the world’s natural heritage.
  • Zadar is the olderst continuously inhabited city in Croatia with evidences from Stone age.
  • Nowhere in the world can a person witness a more beautiful sunset than in Zadar. The words were spoken fifty years ago by the famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock.


  • 08:00:00

    Pick up from your hotel (can be adjusted before or after)

  • 09:30:00

    Coffee exit (at Skradin stop, excellent for picture taking)

  • 11:00:00

    Arrival at National park Plitvice lakesnSightseeing (based on one of choosed tours)

  • 16:00:00

    Departure from Plitvice lakes

  • 18:00:00

    Arrival in Zadar city center (sightseeing)

  • 20:15:00

    Departure towards Split

  • 21:30:00

    Drop off at your hotel / apartment


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9-16938 €
17-241876 €
25-321407 €

*For bigger group, please contact us on email

You Can Mix Your Plitvice Tour In A Way That We Drop You Off At South Entrance And Pick You Up In North One, For NO Extra Fee.

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