Split - Dubrovnik via Mostar & Sarajevo tour

To have authentic lunch at some of the restaurants serving local Bosnianncuisine..you can try some restaurants close to Old bridge in Mostar or onnBascarsija in Sarajevo ("cevapcic" are must)...nFor better Bosnian experience, this tour can be prolonged to 2 days, ask us fornmore info!

Drop off points


In city center


In city center and your accommodation in Dubrovnik


  • The famously divided city spans both sides of the Neretva River, with a vibrant community of Bosniaks and Croats occupying either side of this city.
  • The Old Mostar Bridge (Stari Most) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist destination. It was completed in 1566 after nine years of planning and building and designed by the Ottoman architect Mimar Hayruddin, this bridge stood for 429 years without fail.
  • You’ll find this weird and offbeat statue of Bruce Lee in Zrinjevac Park. Standing at 1.68 metres high, this near life sized tribute of the martial arts star is a curious site to find in Mostar.
  • During the Roman Empire Sarajevo together with Bosnia was a border city between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.
  • In the last 100 years Sarajevo has been a member of six different states.
  • The city-wide tram service in Sarajevo was the very first in Europe. Locals proudly insist that the Austro-Hungarians modelled Vienna’s tram system on theirs.


  • 08:30:00

    Pick up from your hotel (can be adjusted before or after)

  • 09:00:00

    Pick up from your hotel (can be adjusted before or after)

  • 09:45:00

    Coffee exit at some of the highway stops

  • 10:30:00

    Coffee exit and short sightseeing in Konjic

  • 11:15:00

    Arrival at Mostar city centre, meeting with the local guide (included in price)nSightseeing

  • 13:15:00

    Free time (for lunch, shopping, more sightseeing…)

  • 13:30:00

    Arrival to Ston (free time for lunch, climbing the walls, visiting oldest salt factory…)

  • 14:15:00

    Departure towards Sarajevo (possible stops)

  • 15:30:00

    Departure towards Dubrovnik

  • 16:30:00

    Car sightseeing and free time in Sarajevo (possibility to arrange local guide here also)

  • 17:00:00

    Drop off at your hotel / apartment

  • 19:00:00

    Departure towards Split (with stops for break)


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4-8829 €
9-161658 €
17-243316 €
25-322487 €

*For bigger group, please contact us on email

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